Property Rules „Dom jak dawniej”




- whenever Dom jak dawniej is referred to, it should be understood as the house at ul. Okrzei 21, 58-580 Szklarska Poręba, hereinafter referred to as house/property
Estate - area around the house that legally belongs to it
Property Manager - DS SOL Dariusz Soczomski company, ul. Łęczycka 17 / 4 a, 53-632 Wrocław, NIP 897-117-56-86, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor
Guest - this is to be understood as the person using the home rental service


General provisions:


The terms and conditions of the lease. Making a reservation of a facility is unambiguous in making a declaration of acquaintance with these Regulations and acceptance of its provisions. Making a reservation is the conclusion of a short-term rental contract between DS SOL Dariusz Soczomski, ul. Łęczycka 17/4 a, 53-632 Wrocław, NIP 897-117-56-86 and the Lessee under the terms and conditions specified in the Property Rules.


§ 1
Terms of reservation


1. The property is rented in total, for 1 to a maximum of 11 people.
2. Children up to 2 years old are not included in the above rate. Children up to 2 years old when sharing a room with parents sleep on one bed or in a baby cot. The property has 1 cot (max 15 kg) The property has 1 high chair for feeding. The wish to use a baby cot and / or chair should be reported when making a reservation.
3. The price per stay / day regardless of the number of guests (1-11) is fixed for the property
(regardless of the number of residents) according to the price list at
4. The keys to the property will be given  only after:
a) Presenting the document with the current photo: ID card, passport, ID - minors should present a document stating the identity of the person eg school ID.
b) filling in a registration card
c) payment of the total amount for stay.

5. The house is rented for the day - the minimum rental period is 4 days * (except for periods - New Year's Eve - minimum rental period of 5days ).
6. The stay is from 15:00 on the first day until 10:00 the following day.
7. Check-in is possible from 15:00 to 18:00, check-out until 10:00.
8. Minimum one day prior to arrival, please provide information by e-mail, sms or phone with the estimated time of check-in and number of people.Guests are kindly requested to arrive no later than 18:00 on the first day of stay. No arrival until 18:00 is equivalent to the cancellation of the booking and the amount paid for the stay is non-refundable.
9.Not leaving the property until 10:00 am on the day of check out will result in a charge for the next start of the day, but does not constitute an extension of your stay.
10. If you do not check-out until 10am, the property's staff is allowed to pack the guests' belongings without their presence and transfer them to a designated place. The property is not responsible for the things left.
11. At check-out, the estimated time of check-out must be stated.A request for an extension of stay beyond the indicated period must be made at check-in or at least two days before the end of the original booking.
12. The desire to extend your stay can only be taken into account for free bookings.
13. Payment:
a) transfer - for the whole stay
b) transfer - a deposit of 50% of the total stay, the second part of the payment is only cash at check-in
Funds should be visible on the property's account as per the deadline indicated in the email. Lack of funds is equivalent to canceling a reservation.

14.The property does not accept credit cards.
15. Cancellations or changes to the dates of stay can be made by contacting the property using the contact details below:
a) In case of cancellation less than 60 days before arrival, the funds paid will not be refunded.
b) In case of no arrival until 18:00 on the day of check-in, the funds are non-refundable.
16. In price of the stay the tourist  -  VAT is   included. Tax isn't included.
17. Parking for 1 - max. 3 cars - free.
18. A refundable deposit of PLN  1,000 ( one thousand  PLN )  (€ 250) and during New Year's Eve deposit of PLN  1,500 ( one thousand and five hundred  PLN )  will be charged at the time of check-in. The deposit is refunded in full on the day of check out in case of no damage / theft. In the event of damage / theft the damage will be reduced by damage / theft.
19. On request, we will issue a VAT invoice for your stay. Please inform the property of this by the day of check-in at the latest. Invoices will be sent by email.
20. In case of early departure, the remaining amount of the planned stay will not be refunded.
21. The property does not serve meals.
22. Making a booking is the same as accepting the rules of the property.
23. In the event that the guest is a minor or for whom the guest rents the object is responsible, reading and accepting the regulations has legal effect for the guest renting the property.


§ 2

Rules for staying in the property and on the estate


1. The guest agrees to use the home in a manner consistent with its purpose.
2. The owner of the property may refuse to accept or refuse his / her stay in the property if the Guest:
a) caused damage to the property
b) has caused harm to a person on the premises
c) has violated the rules of the property

Payment is non-refundable.

3. Guests who are not checked in can not stay in the property after 22:00.
4.Guests staying at the property and on its premises and third parties should not disturb public order.
5. It is strictly forbidden to smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products. Cigarette smoking is allowed only in the designated place outside the building - all renters will be jointly and severally liable for failure to comply with this prohibition with a fine of PLN 1, 000 ( one thousand PLN ) - this penalty does not exclude the possibility of claiming damages in the event of damage.
6. There is a total ban on possession and use of narcotics and other drugs - persons who do not comply with this prohibition will be charged a penalty of 1000 PLN - this penalty does not exclude the possibility of compensation in the event of damage.
7.The guest is obliged to take care of and protect against damage or devastation the property together with the estate which belongs to it. Protect the vegetation around the house and do not pollute the area.
8. The guest agrees not to use, without the consent of the administrator, pyrotechnic articles.
9. Guests are obliged to close the house whenever they leave the property (close the front and back doors and all windows, entrance gate and small gate) - turn off the light and any electrical devices that threaten to start a fire in the house. We inform you that the property is monitored  outside 24 hours a day.
10. Animals and pets are forbidden on the premises.
11. The visitor can not exchange locks or make their own keys.Upon check-out, guests are required to return all keys issued and registered on the registration card. In the case of loss / damage / non-return of keys, the guest will be charged a fee of PLN  500  - will be taken from the deposit.
12. The house can not be used in any other way than for short-term rental purposes.
13. It is forbidden to carry out any business activities on the premises.No business activity or other activity connected with the arrival of Clients is allowed.
14. The property can not be rented to third parties even if the guest has left the property before the booking period for which he or she has paid is due.
15. Only the number of people stated during reservation can be on the premises.In the case of exceeding the number of persons in the property, the property manager has the right to jointly and severally terminate the rental agreement with all persons staying in the property - to terminate the lease with immediate effect without reimbursement of the previously paid stay.
16. The need to intervene from the manager, the owner of the property or the police will result in additional costs, for the intervention.
17. Guest can not make changes / alterations in the property.
18. The parking facility is a monitored but unguarded. the owner of the object is not responsible for the destruction or theft of the car or other vehicle or property belonging to the guest, left in the parking lot.
19. Vehicles not authorized to use the car park will be disposed of at the expense of their owner.

20. On the day of check in, the property along with its parking and pavements is cleared and prepared for arrival.

During the rental of the property, the manager, staff and owner of the object is not responsible for snow removal and salting of the property including the car park and sidewalks.

The property provides guests with: sand, salt and snow removal equipment.

As a result, the property manager, staff and the property owner are not liable for any breakage and other injuries associated with unshoveled parking and pavements.

21. In winter, it is recommended to bring snow chains.

22. The property manager, staff and the property owner are also not liable for any breakage or injury caused by improper use of the house.

§ 3

Terms of liability in the premises, rights and obligations of the Lessor and the Guest


1. The guest agrees to cover the costs of removing the damage caused ty him, the persons under his care and his visitors during the use of the property.The Lessee should notify the Lessor of the occurrence of the damage as soon as it is discovered.
2. The Renter will be charged with additional costs in case of:
a) damaging the router
b) losing or damaging the remote control for the gate
c) losing or damaging the remote control to the TV/decoder
d) lising or damaging home furnishings in accordance with the annexes to the aforementioned regulations.
The guest will be charged the amount of losses incurred.
The property is insured. For damage caused by the fault of the Lessor and not taken into account by the insurer shall be the responsibility of the Lessor.
3. The Lessor is not responsible for:
a) valuables, cash and other personal property left in the property belonging to the guest, the people in his care and his visitors
b) people under the guest's care and his visitors
c) Cars and other means of transport left in the car park

4. Minors may stay in the premises and property only under the care of an adult.
5. In case of suspected violation of the legal order in the property and on the premises, the house manager, the owner, the service provider will immediately notify the appropriate service.
5. The landlord is not responsible for failures and their effects resulting from the action of "higher forces" ie: water breakdown, power failure, ISP failure, TV failure. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the effects of which can not be immediately resolved by the usual means, the Lessor has the right to withdraw from the contract. This also applies to cases where the security of the Lessee or his property can not be guaranteed for reasons beyond the Lessor's control. Funds paid by the Lessee are refundable, with deductions of amounts due for services already provided.
6. The owner reserves the right to change prices in selected periods.
7. The owner or operator of the property is permitted to carry out repairs, maintenance and to inspect the condition of the technical equipment of the property.
8. The facility owner and the operator at any time and without prior notice may enter the premises, as long as there are legitimate reasons for the safety of persons and property. The keys to the rented house are permanently on the landlord, owner of the property and service.
9. At the moment the property is handed over, the guest is obliged to familiarize themselves with the set of equipment provided. In case of a lack of equipment, the Renter is obliged to notify the staff of the property, but not later than on the day of check-in until 20:00. In the absence of notification, the condition of the facility is deemed to be in accordance with the statement contained therein.
10.The guest has the right to make comments and reservations regarding the level and quality of the services provided and the functioning of the facilities at the property.The facility manager or staff will try to address them promptly.


§ 4

Personal data protection


1. It is required to present the document indicated in § 1 in order to check personal data. Personal data are protected in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2016, item 922, as amended)


§ 5

Final Settlement - Copyright, Dispute Resolution


1. Any price promotions for the stay in the property are valid until their cancellation.
2. Promotions may not be combined
3. All complaints about the stay should be reported promptly, by email or in person, no later than on the day of check out from the property.
4. The Regulations may be changed but this does not affect the already booked reservation.
5. 5. In all matters not included in the rules concerning the rules of staying in the property, the Guest shall comply with the instructions of the manager or the operator of the facility.
6. The copyright of materials placed on the website belong to the Lessor.
7. Downloading information from the website is only permitted for personal use.
8. The information provided on the website does not constitute an offer to enter into an agreement in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. The Lessor is not responsible for any misrepresentation of the information presented due to errors or failures of the IT system.
9. The law applicable to disputes between the Lessor and the Lessee is Polish law. Disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the premises of the Lessor.


Thank you for following the above rules.

             We wish you a pleasant stay


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